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  • Gelada baboon - simien mountain
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  • Chenek Camp Site
  • Surma tribe
  • Omo Valley Tribes
AFAR - Ethiopia

The Afar Region has consistently turned up evidence of the earliest human Habitation. The place is the greatest archaeological discovery where "Lucy or Dinkinesh" found.Read More

SOUTHERN - Ethiopia

The Southern part of Ethiopia is home of different nations and nationalities, historical, cultural heritages like Konso Cultural Landscape, Tiya and...Read More

NORTHERN - Ethiopia

The historical or northern route is the major Tourist attraction which includes the Simen Mountain National Park, Gondar, Bahir Dar...Read More

Combined Tour

Our combined tour is organized of Afar, South and North in one or Read more

Care Rental

At Walk In Ethiopia Car Rental we pride our- selves in providing affordable budget service from as little as up to Luxury cars. Read more

Travel Facts

To enhance service to all clients, air travel orders are processed through our office in a centralized system. Read More

Deberezeyt lying south east of Addis Ababa. It is 50 kilometers radius from the capital city, which is neat and rapidly expanding town found at an altitude of 1900 meters. This is just the place to have a short weekend getaway since it enjoys warm climate and lies within a circle of beautiful crater lakes.
These series of volcanic crater lakes surrounding Debrezeytmore than their work making Debrezeyt beautiful are also noted for their bird life, the most spectaculars being Bishoftu and Green Lakes.
Henock Shewasema - General Manager
Feb 01, 2016

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