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The National parks

National parks

Omo National Park

Omo National Park

The Omo National Park was proposed for its extensive wilderness area and prolific plains wildlife; it is important for the very large herds of Common Enland and for the conservation of Elephant.

Species recorded: 75 mammals and 325 birds

Charismatic species: Common E-land

Location: the park is situated in South Omo Zone some 870km south of Addis Ababa at the coordinate between N6010’ and E35050’. Its altitude ranges between 440-1,183m asl. It is located t the extreme southern part of Ethiopia, the Omo national park extends following the Omo river bank close to Sudan border.

Rainy season: the rainfall in the park average about 810mm per year. The wet season is March to June with a second wet season in September. The main dry season is December to February.

Temperature: the highest temperature is 36-400c in December- February and the lowest are 20-210c in March-May.

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