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Our Responsible Travel Policy

Our Responsible Travel Policy

Our Responsible travel Policy

Our Responsible travel Policy


At walk in Ethiopia tour & travel our aim is to minimize the negative social impacts of the local community with creating a lot of solutions and on the other hand to boost the local community economic opportunity we will participate all the local community on our service and to minimize environmental impacts we will give the training to the staffs that are representing our company on the environments and parks so in general we will generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities. Do business
Economic responsibility

  • To hire a local community or local people in our company like local guide , cockers , road leaders , scouts , receptions , local translators because since the attractions and the destinations are found in those local community surrounding area we must give them a chance of making their economy better by being our teams.
  • To donate some moneys and materials for the local community to establish some clinics and local schools with infrastructure in the destinations
  • To create good connections or relations with the local community about creating additional tourist activities to my clients to boost their economies
  • To solve any obstacles coming with economics shortage with discussing the local community and to whom it may concern
  • To encourage any creativity that’s helping the environments

In general our company have a passionate and well professional teams that are highly eager to serve clients and all our guides are deeply talented experienced in all aspects and all our drivers are very professionals so with our best teams of cockers, local guides and with our latest tours cars and
equipment’s we will sustain the economic aspects of the country and the local community.
Environmental responsibility

  • To keep the suitability of our environments, wildlife’s , fauna , flora
  • To inform our clients about the effects of using the environments improperly like hunting wild animals and cutting plants and trees
  • To advice local peoples or community about deforestation and illegal hauntings
  • To give a training about for the local community about how they get riding or wasting some wastage from waters and from the eco-systems
  • To aware all our staffs working in our company about recycling office materials like papers , printers to reduce climate pollutions
  • To give more awareness about our cars driver to make our cars serviced monthly to reduce the climate pollutions via cars the burned air coming from our cars
  • To give scheduled training for the local community specially working in national parks like scouts and others about sustainability of the attractions

In general our company Walk in Ethiopia Tour & Travel is using latest office equipment that are reducing environmental impacts and all our cars are latest models that have a very low pollutions of air carbons & in addition to this we will inform all our clients to wasting or removing the wastages like lefts foods , plastic empty waters bottles and any others materials wasting by our clients that will damage and have a negative impacts on the environments will be handled with our teams wisely

Social responsibility

  • To provide details information for our guests regarding the political situations of our country
  • To provide accurate information about the rule and regulations of the local community
  • To provide some common words of the local community for all our clients
  • To introduce all our company teams like drivers, guides that are serving the clients coming with our company
  • To inform clients how they will reducing sound potentials and other negative environmental hazards
  • To provide a details profiles of our country

To share our clients about encouraging the local community regarding healthy and other social problems raised by our clients
In general our company Walk in Ethiopia Tour & Travel will provides or informs pre-trip information for our clients before they arrive in Ethiopia about the ongoing social and political situation in our country as well as specific destinations throughout the country and our information will also include the cultural customs, government, food, security, unique ceremonies, economy and overall political situation of Ethiopia.

In addition to this we will inform clients about the rules and regulations of each villages and tribes area and we will give them some highlights of cultures, greetings for creating good connections with our clients and the community

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