Dire Dawa and Harar Tour - 3 Days


The presence of 99 mosques made Harar to be considered as the Fourth Holiest City in Islam next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Harar is a symbol of tolerance and peaceful co-existence of peoples and religions. Harar is also famous for its “Hyena Men” who make their living by playing on a remarkable show of tamed hyenas and also known by its golden coffee. In recognition of its cultural heritage, the Historic City of Harar (Jugol) was registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2006. Harar is famous for its hyena feeding ceremony that takes place every evening in two different sites – just outside the walls of old city. “The origin of feeding the hyenas date back to the great famine of the late 19th Century. According to legend, the hyenas were fed by the inhabitants of Harar to pacify the animals in good times, so that in times of drought they would not attack people or livestock” Today, the hyena men of Harar make a living by feeding wild hyenas for the benefit of tourists and curious locals.”

Day 1
Addis Abeba to Dire Dawa(Flight)-Harar

Today early in the morning, you will fly to the beautiful city of Dire Dawa then drive to the historical walled city of Harar which is found in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. After checked in your hotel and settled down a bit, you will visit the hyena man, who feeds the hyenas every night just outside the walls of the city. This tradition was started long ago to prevent these wild hyenas from hunting for food in the town. Guests are welcome, and encouraged, to feed the hyena’s themselves. Overnight; Hotel in Harar

Day 2
Harar city tour

Today is a full day discovering the treasures hidden in the narrow alleyways of the UNESCO’s world heritage site walled city of Harar, with its colorful markets, countless mosques and shrines and unique Harari people and their decorated house. Sites to visit include the House of Rimbaud, Ras Tafari’s House, Ras Mekonnen’s Palace, the Harari National Cultural Center, and the tomb of Emir Nur, who built the famous Jugol, as the wall is known locally. You will also explore the colorful market places in Harar city where different ethnic groups like Hadere, Oromo, Somali gather together. Overnight in Harar (hotel in Harar)

Day 3
Harar-Dire Dawa-Addis- (Flight)

Today, you will finish your tour to the eastern part of Ethiopia. You will drive from Harar to Dire Dawa and get your plane from Dire Dawa to Addis Ababa.

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