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Day trips form Addis Ababa

Day Trips From Addis Ababa

Day Trip to Sodere hot springs

Day Trip to Sodere hot springs

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Day Trip to Sodere hot springs

Sodere(About 124 km from Addis Ababa)

Sodere resort hotel is located 124km from the capital city Addis Ababa to the Western part of the country in Oromia region. It is located 27 km east of Adama, Oromia. It has hot weather condition which may reach to 35 degree centigrade.

Sodere resort is known by its natural hot spring water. People in all ages (kids to adults) like to enjoy the hot spring water by swimming, bath and showering. Culturally it is said that the water has medicinal value. Sodere resort Hotel offers you a service which is memorable, beneficial and helping you to relax.

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