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The National parks

National parks

Mago National Park

Mago National Park

This Mago National Park was proposed for the conservation of its large numbers of wildlife, particularly Buffalo, Giraffe, and Elephant.

Species recorded: 81 mammals and 257 birds

Charismatic species: African Buffalo

Location: Mago National park is situated at the same corner with Omo National park and separated by the Omo River close to Kenya Border some 800km south of Addis Ababa and 30km from Jinka town, at coordinate between N5030’ and E36030’. It took some feature as in the Omo national park and is age.

Rainy season: the rainfall in the park averages about 900mm a year. The wet season is March to June with a second wet season in September. The main dry season is December to February.

Temperature: the highest temperature is 36-400c in December- February and the lowest are 20-210c in April – June.

Ecological Zone: Rift Valley

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