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Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park was primarily created for its spectacular numbers of aquatic birds, especially Great white Pelican and Lesser Flamingo the bird breeding islands in Lake Shalla, and its scenery. It is a famous and significant ornithological site in the country.

Species recorded: 76 mammal species and 436 bird species

Charismatic species: White Pelican

Location: Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park is found 207 kms south of Addis, situated in the main Rift Valley it’s a park back grounds the two beautiful Rift Valley Lakes Abijata and Shalla. It is located on the co-ordinates 7030’N and 38030’E. The general area is within an altitude range of 1540-2075m asl.

Rainy season: The climate of the park is generally dry. Located in a rainfall deficit area of the Rift Valley, it eceives an annual rainfall range between 500 and 700mm during the two wet seasons, with the small rain periods are March to April and the main is June to September.

Temperature: the minimum and maximum temperature range between 50c and 450c respectively.

Ecological Zone: Rift Valley

Vegetation types: Acacia-Euphorbia woodlands savanna


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